"Returned Scholars" Have Bright Prospects in Anhui

Updated:Aug 30,2014 16:20 PM ah.gov.cn

—Province Issues 33 New Policies to Support Returned Overseas Students for Business Startup

Since the implementation of reform and opening-up policy, a large quantity of people who ever studied abroad have come to Anhui for business startups. With the new technologies they have mastered and courage in innovation, they have given full play to their talents in Anhui. In order to encourage more returned Chinese overseas scholars to carve out careers in Anhui, the province has recently issued a number of new polices.

Maximum of a Half Million Subsidies are Officially Granted

More support from the provincial government will be given to “overseas returnees” who are starting new undertakings in Anhui. Overseas returnees are allowed to rent the land for their ventures. The support will ensure priority rent opportunities of land supply. Preferential benefits will be given to them in rent rate and terms of lease when utilizing barren hills, beaches and other special land for developing projects in agriculture and forestation.

Overseas returnees of high-levels professionals who are selected as candidates in the "Hundred Talents Program" of Anhui province will be granted one-time subsidies of a half million Yuan by the provincial government. If they come to Anhui with major scientific and technological achievements for transformation, financial support is going to be given to them according to specific achievements.

The Privilege of Tax Revenue Preferential Benefit and Technology Shares

Those who ever studied abroad will enjoy corresponding tax revenue preferential policy if they set up enterprises in Anhui. As for key enterprises of high technology and new technology that are specially supported by provincial government, they will enjoy a reduction of 15 percent in tax rate for enterprise income tax if the enterprises are officially recognized. The cost of development and research in new technology, new products and new craftsmanship can be deducted according to150 percent of the real volume when taxes are paid.

The technical achievement can be used as technology share investment according to national policies. With legal patent achievement, subsidization can be applied for.

Subsidization to the Purchase and Construction of Office Buildings

To those who ever studied abroad, one-time subsidies will be given if they purchase and build office buildings for their own when they start enterprises depending on their different conditions. Preferential benefits will also be given in renting offices.

In addition, the procedures will be simplified and priority will be given if they go abroad for study, visit, and participation in academic activities. To those who have acquired foreign nationalities by naturalization will also conform to related regulations, a valid F visa that allows round-trips for multiple entry can be issued or preferential benefits can be provided for residence if they start enterprises depending on their demands. Overseas returnees who start enterprises in Anhui and their spouses, unmarried offspring and parents are allowed to get registered permanent residence after verification. They may also be given the benefits to regain their registered permanent residence at the place where their former household registration has been canceled.

Equal Opportunities for their Offspring to Enter Schools

The overseas returnees' children will be given equal opportunities to enter schools. They will give given preferential benefits in comparison with others if under the condition when all other factors are the same in terms of entering kindergartens and receiving compulsory education. And preferential benefits are also given when procedures of transferring schools are needed.

According to national stipulations, they are entitled to all kinds of social insurances as local employees. They can apply for their own accounts for housing provident fund with the effective contracts of employment and certificates by official insurance department of the local government. Non-local household registered returnees are also allowed to have their accounts for housing provident fund when they start an undertaking in Anhui. According to national stipulations, they are allowed to withdraw or transfer the funds in their accounts for housing provident fund when they leave.