Preferential Policies for investment in Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone of the Wanjiang City Belt

Updated:Aug 30,2014 16:19 PM

Investment in the Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone of the Wanjiang City Belt (including 8 cities, 59 county-level regions, hereafter called “Demonstration Zone”) will be provided with special incentive policies. Parts of the incentive policies are listed as follows:

1. Projects under Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Development of Demonstration Zone can enjoy the relevant incentive policies for industries encouraged by the government.

2. New and high-tech enterprises or innovative enterprises above the provincial level operate by referring to relevant policies of Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Invention and Innovation.

3. In 6 consecutive years since 2010, no less than RMB 1 billion of special fund from provincial finance is spent annually on the construction of centralized districts in the Demonstration Zone. Provincial sharing of added corporate income tax from newly-established enterprises inside the Demonstration Zone will be rewarded to the local cities and counties, and all relevant administrative charges are exempted.

4. Cooperation parks have been set up in the centralized districts and above-provincial-level development zones to attract the governments, development zones at home and abroad, transnational corporations, centrally-administrated enterprises, strategic investors, and cities, counties and enterprises in Anhui Province. in 6 consecutive years since 2010, municipal and county’s sharing of VAT and corporate income tax in the cooperation parks will be rewarded to Cooperation Districts.

5. Strengthen the overall arrangement of planned quota for construction land. 15% of annual newly-added land for the construction will be reserved specially for the construction of important projects in the Demonstration Zone. Land use quota planned for important industry-transfer project with a total investment of more than USD 100 million or RMB 500 million will be listed separately. A general plan of land use will be compiled separately for centralized districts, and the planned land use quota will be listed separately.

6. Various financial institutes will be encouraged to establish branch offices in the Demonstration Zone, and be provided with one-off financial subsidy. Housing property tax for office buildings procured or constructed for own use within 3 years will be rewarded to the enterprises by financial departments.

7. It is encouraged to construct logistics zone and export-oriented modern logistics industrial belt in the Demonstration Zone. For modern logistics projects, such as newly-constructed logistics zones, transportation stations and logistics distribution centers, fees for city infrastructure service, civil air defense construction and temporary use of road will be halved and land expropriation management fee will be exempted.