Anhui Epidemic Report on March 9

Updated:Mar 09,2020 11:21 AM AHFAO

Between 00:00 and 24:00, March 8,the following were newly reported by the Health Commission of Anhui Province:

a) 0 confirmed case;

b) 0 suspected case; and

c) 3 cured and discharged cases.

Of the cured and discharged cases, 2 are in Hefei and 1 in Wuhu.

By 24:00, March 7, the following had been reported in Anhui Province:

a) 990 confirmed cases;

b) 984 cured and discharged cases;

c) 6 fatal cases;

d) 28,475 close contacts and

e) 432 cases under close medical observation.

All confirmed cases in 16 cities of Anhui Province have been cured and discharged from hospital, with a cure rate up to 99.4%.