Anhui Epidemic Report on March 2

Updated:Mar 02,2020 14:56 PM AHFAO

Between 00:00 and 24:00, March 1,the following were newly reported by the Health Commission of Anhui Province:

a) 0 confirmed case;

b) 0 suspected case; and

c) 20 cured and discharged cases.

Of the cured and discharged cases, 5 in Fuyang,4 in Hefei,2 in Bozhou, 2 in Bengbu, 2 in Chizhou,2 in Anqing,1 in Suzhou,1 in Huainan and 1 in Lu'an.By 24:00, March 1, the following had been reported in Anhui Province:

a) 990 confirmed cases;

b) 888 cured and discharged cases;

c) 6 fatal cases;

d) 28,035 close contacts; and

e) 383 cases under close medical observation.

Of the confirmed cases, 174 are in Hefei, 160 in Bengbu, 155 in Fuyang, 108 in Bozhou, 83 in Anqing, 69 in Lu'an, 41 in Suzhou, 38 in Ma’anshan, 34 in Wuhu, 29 in Tongling, 27 in Huaibei, 27 in Huainan, 17 in Chizhou, 13 in Chuzhou, 9 in Huangshan, and 6 in Xuancheng.

To date, a total of 96 confirmed cases are under medical treatment in hospital without severe cases.

29 cases are about to be cured and discharged by March 2, 6 in Hefei, 6 in Fuyang,5 in Lu‘an, 4 in Bozhou,2 in Bengbu,2 in Wuhu, 1 in Huainan,1 in Ma’anshan, 1 in Chizhou and 1 inHuangshan.

The number of inpatients will be significantly reduced to 67, including only 1 hospitalized case in Bozhou, Wuhu, Chizhou, Anqing, and Huangshan separately, and 2 in Chuzhou and Xuancheng respectively, with 92.6 percent of the high recovery rates of COVID-19 in our province.