Anhui Epidemic Report on February 27

Updated:Feb 27,2020 11:06 AM AHFAO

Between 00:00 and 24:00, February 26,the following were newly reported by the Health Commission of Anhui Province:

a) 0 confirmed case;

b) 0 suspected case; and

c) 37 cured and discharged cases.

Of the cured and discharged cases, 8 are in Hefei, 8 in Bengbu, 5 in Anqing, 4 in Ma'anshan, 3 in Fuyang, 2 in Huaibei, 2 in Bozhou, 2 in Huainan, 2 in Lu'an,and 1 in Suzhou.

By 24:00, February 26, the following had been reported in Anhui Province:

a) 989 confirmed cases;

b) 764 cured and discharged cases;

c) 6 fatal cases;

d) 27,905 close contacts, and

e) 1,270 cases under close medical observation.

Of the confirmed cases, 174 are in Hefei, 160 in Bengbu, 155 in Fuyang, 108 in Bozhou, 83 in Anqing, 69 in Lu'an, 41 in Suzhou, 38 in Ma'anshan, 33 in Wuhu, 29 in Tongling, 27 in Huaibei, 27 in Huainan, 17 in Chizhou, 13 in Chuzhou, 9 in Huangshan, and 6 in Xuancheng.

To date, a total of 219 confirmed cases are under medical treatment in hospital without severe cases.

51 cases are about to be cured and discharged by February 27, 10 in Bozhou, 9 in Bengbu, 7 in Fuyang, 5 in Lu'an, 5 in Anqing, 4 in Hefei, 4 in Tongling, 3 in Suzhou, 2 in Wuhu, 1 in Huainan and 1 in Chuzhou.

Advice for the Public:

As the positive momentum of the overall epidemic situation in our province is expanding, the resumption of work and production of enterprises and institutions is accelerating in a steady and orderly manner, while taking more stringent and professional measures to prevent and control the epidemics from spreading in the workplace. Firstly, we must take precautions against the risks of epidemic transmission caused by the movement of people and the gathering of people after resumption of labor, and explicitly distribute the responsibilities for the prevention and control of the epidemic of territories, departments, units, and individuals. Secondly, we must firmly grasp the key links in the treatment of cluster epidemics and implement the "four early" measures of early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment. Thirdly, we must give full play to the role of the joint prevention and control mechanism, focus on key populations, places, time periods and links, and continue to strengthen supervision and guidance.

Disease control experts remind you: Take a body temperature report before returning to work; open windows as often as possible to prevent new coronavirus; wash your hands frequently and wear a face mask; eat separately at the table and stay one meter away from others; avoid coughing directly in front of people; and report timely if you feel ill.