Anhui Epidemic Report on February 14

Updated:Feb 14,2020 14:37 PM AHFAO

Between 00:00 and 24:00, February 13,the following were newly reported by the Health Commission of Anhui Province:

a) 24 confirmed cases;

b) 16 suspected cases;

c) 1 fatal case; and

d) 38 cured and discharged cases.

Of the confirmed cases, 6 are in Bozhou, 5 in Hefei, 4 in Fuyang, 3 in Bengbu, 2 in Ma’anshan, 1 in Lu’an, 1 in Suzhou, 1 in Chizhou, and 1 in Anqing.

Of the suspected cases, 8 are in Bengbu, 3 in Hefei, 3 in Fuyang, 1 in Lu’an, and 1 in Ma’anshan.

Of the cured and discharged cases, 14 are in Anqing, 7 in Hefei, 6 in Fuyang, 4 in Bozhou, 2 in Suzhou, 2 in Ma’anshan, 1 in Bengbu, 1 in Wuhu, and 1 in Tongling.

By 24:00, February 13, the following had been reported in Anhui Province:

a) 934 confirmed cases;

b) 166 cured and discharged cases;

c) 6 fatal cases;

d) 20,229 close contacts, and

e) 5,657 cases under close medical observation.

Of the confirmed cases, 166 are in Hefei, 149 in Bengbu, 146 in Fuyang, 106 in Bozhou, 81 in Anqing, 61 in Lu’an, 39 in Suzhou, 34 in Ma’anshan, 31 in Wuhu, 28 in Tongling, 25 in Huaibei, 23 in Huainan, 17 in Chizhou, 13 in Chuzhou, 9 in Huangshan, and 6 in Xuancheng.

To date, a total of 762 confirmed cases are under medical treatment in hospital, 11 are severe.

30 cases are about to be cured and discharged by February 14, 5 in Fuyang, 5 in Lu’an, 3 in Hefei, 3 in Bozhou, 3 in Anqing, 3 in Wuhu, 3 in Chuzhou, 2 in Bengbu, 1 in Ma’anshan, 1 in Chizhou, and 1 in Suzhou.

Brief report: The first case in Anhui Province was confirmed on January 22, since when new confirmed cases were found each day. However, recent days saw a slight decrease. By February 13, of the 16 cities in Anhui Province, the lowest number of confirmed cases (6) is found in Xuancheng, and no new confirmed case has been found for 14 days in Huangshan. Of the 105 counties, 20 counties are of no confirmed case, 25 of no new confirmed case for 10 days, and 14 of no new confirmed case for 5 days.

Information about the fatal case:

Yang, male, aged 52, lives in Bengbu. He was taken in by Bengbu 5th Hospital on February 6 and then transferred to Bengbu 1st Medical Hospital (Provincial designated hospital for severe NCP cases) with a diagnosis of NCP (severe), acute respiratory failure, hypertension II (high risk) and diabetes II. Many consultations were held among provincial experts and a series of methods were carried out, but no improvement was shown. The patient got sudden cardiac arrest in the early morning of February 13 and passed away after a failed rescue.