Anhui Epidemic Report on February 12

Updated:Feb 12,2020 15:49 PM AHFAO

Between 00:00 and 24:00, February 11,the following were newly reported by the Health Commission of Anhui Province:

a) 29 confirmed cases;

b) 39 suspected cases;

c) 2 severe cases; and

d) 20 cured and discharged cases.

Of the confirmed cases, 7 are in Hefei, 5 in Bozhou, 3 in Suzhou, 7 in Bengbu, 6 in Fuyang, and 1 in Chizhou.

Of the suspected cases, 5 are in Hefei, 4 in Huaibei, 3 in Bozhou, 2 in Suzhou, 8 in Bengbu, 5 in Fuyang, 1 in Chuzhou, 9 in Lu’an, 1 in Chizhou, and 1 in Anqing.

Of the cured and discharged cases, 7 are in Hefei, 1 in Suzhou, 4 in Fuyang, 2 in Huainan, 1 in Chuzhou, 2 in Ma’anshan, 1 in Wuhu and 2 in Xuancheng.

By 24:00, February 11, the following had been reported in Anhui Province:

a) 889 confirmed cases;

b) 108 cured and discharged cases;

c) 4 fatal cases; and

d) 19,276 close contacts.

Of the confirmed cases, 157 are in Hefei, 24 in Huaibei, 97 in Bozhou, 36 in Suzhou, 141 in Bengbu, 138 in Fuyang, 24 in Huainan, 12 in Chuzhou, 59 in Lu’an, 32 in Ma’anshan, 31 in Wuhu, 6 in Xuancheng, 27 in Tongling, 16 in Chizhou, 80 in Anqing and 9 in Huangshan.

To date, there is a total of 777 confirmed cases, 8 are severe.

20 cases are about to be cured and discharged by February 12, 6 in Hefei, 1 in Huaibei, 5 in Bozhou, 4 in Suzhou, 2 in Ma’anshan, and 2 in Tongling.

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