Anhui Epidemic Report on February 9

Updated:Feb 09,2020 15:57 PM AHFAO

Between 00:00 and 24:00, February 8,the following were newly reported by Anhui Province:
a) 46 confirmed cases;
b) 48 suspected cases;
c) 12 cured and discharged cases; and
d)  1 fatal case.
Of the confirmed cases, 8 are in Hefei, 1 in Huaibei, 6 in Bozhou, 16 in Bengbu, 5 in Fuyang, 1 in Huainan, 3 in Lu’an, 1 in Tongling, 1 in Chizhou and 4 in Anqing, all in stable condition.
Of the suspected cases, 6 are in Hefei, 1 in Huaibei, 1 in Bozhou, 3 in Suzhou, 3 in Bengbu, 6 in Fuyang, 1 in Huainan, 6 in Lu’an, 1 in Wuhu, 1 in Xuancheng, 4 in Tongling, 2 in Chizhou, and 11 in Anqing.
Of the cured and discharged cases, 2 are in Hefei, 1 in Huaibei, 1 in Suzhou, 2 in Fuyang, 1 in Huainan, 1 in Lu’an, 2 in Ma’anshan, and 2 in Tongling.
The fatal case is in Bengbu.
By 24:00, February 8, the following had been reported in Anhui Province:
a)779 confirmed cases;
b)59 cured and discharged cases;
c) 1 fatal case; and
d) 16,532 close contacts
Of all the confirmed cases, 136 are in Hefei, 23 in Huaibei, 87 in Bozhou, 28 in Suzhou, 115 in Bengbu, 118 in Fuyang, 22 in Huainan, 11 in Chuzhou, 54 in Lu’an, 31 in Ma’anshan, 29 in Wuhu, 5 in Xuancheng, 24 in Tongling, 12 in Chizhou, 75 in Anqing and 9 in Huangshan.
To date, there is a total of 719 confirmed cases and 5 severe cases.
13 cases are about to be cured and discharged by February 9, 3 are in Huaibei, 1 in Suzhou, 2 in Fuyang, 1 in Huainan, and 6 in Anqing.
Information about the fatal case: Zhao, male, 87 years old, lived in Bengbu. Zhao was confirmed with NCP on January 30, and taken in by Bengbu 1st Medical Hospital (Provincial designated hospital for severe NCP cases) with a clinical diagnosis of severe case. The patient had a medical history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension III (high-risk) and coronary heart disease, etc. Bengbu 1st Medical Hospital organized expert team and medical team for severe cases to conduct consultations everyday to carry out treatment with every effort. In the meanwhile, national experts were dispatched by National and Provincial Health Commission to provide medical guidance. A series of methods, such as integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, mechanical ventilation, and CRRT and ECMO first aid, were implemented but no improvement on the body condition was shown. The patient passed away at 4:19 am, February 8.