The Majority of Novel Coronavirus Cases in Anhui Province are of Common Type

Updated:Feb 08,2020 09:31 AM AHFAO

As is reported in the Provincial Press Conference on Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Protection and Control, the majority of the patients in Anhui Province are of common type, and no fatal case is reported. 

Mr. Tao Yisheng, the director of Health Commission of Anhui Province (HCAP) and dean of the office of Provincial Epidemic Protection and Control, introduced the following measures currently taken to strengthen the work of medical treatment: 

1. Implement the guidance of the provincial experts in the work of treatment. Up to now, a provincial team of 58 experts (14 medical professionals) is working in 8 groups to provide the designated hospitals with on-site treatment guidance, and to standardized and homogenize medical treatment. Besides, for the severe cases, national medical experts are invited to give medical treatment advise. 

2. Intensify the consulting and treatment schemes. So far, 7 video trainings had been held across the province in which both national and provincial professionals provided lectures on various consulting schemes, traditional Chinese medical method and epidemic control. All provincial medical institutions provide trainings for the entire medical staff to improve diagnosing capabilities. 

3. Concentrate force in medical treatment. Under the HCAP guidelines of “concentrating experts and patients”, we gather all the confirmed cases to the provincial or municipal designated hospitals with severe cases receiving treatment in 4 severe case medical treatment centers. The best medical resources, top medical experts as well as the most outstanding nursing teams are assigned to provide medical services. Furthermore, expert teams are set up to provide customized treatment and promote integrated traditional Chinese and Western medical treatment, in order to ensure the best treatment effect. Medical consultations are held twice a day on the severe cases to increase cure rate and reduce fatality.

According to Tao, to date, Anhui Province is carrying the principle of “concentrating the patients, the experts, the resources and treatment”. Efficient measures are taken to coordinate over-all medical materials and strengthen medical force. In this way, people in epidemic risks could be spotted promptly, affected cases could be taken care of on time, and the severe cases could be cured with every effort. Right now, there are 98 designated hospitals, of which 28 are of provincial or municipal level. Currently, both medical staff and beds could meet the requirement of concentration treatment. For those cities that are predicted in a shortage of beds, a series of measures such as vacanting spaces and increasing beds are taken. The rest of cities have already prepared for beds and medical instruments for any possible use.