Anhui Epidemic Report on February 6

Updated:Feb 06,2020 15:00 PM AHFAO

February 5, 2020 saw 61 newly confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection and 84 suspected cases in Anhui Province. One patient’s condition became critical and 3 people were discharged from hospital after recovery.
Of the newly confirmed cases, 11 are in Hefei, 3 in Huaibei, 8 in Bozhou, 1 in Suzhou, 16 in Bengbu, 11 in Fuyang,  2 in Lu’an, 3 in Wuhu, 1 in Xuancheng, 1 in Tongling, and 4 in Anqing.
Of the newly suspected cases, 10 are in Hefei, 2 in Huaibei, 2 in Bozhou, 2 in Suzhou, 11 in Bengbu, 11 in Fuyang, 2 in Huainan, 36 in Lu’an, 1 in Wuhu, 2 in Tongling and 5 in Anqing.
Of those who were discharged from the hospital after recovery, 2 are in Huainan, and 1 in Wuhu.
By February 5, there had been a total of 591 confirmed cases, 23 cases had been discharged from hospital after recovery, and no case reported died of this disease. 12,753 close contacts had been traced and are now under close medical observation. Of the confirmed cased, 104 are in Hefei, 17 in Huaibei, 66 in Bozhou, 25 in Suzhou, 64 in Bengbu, 95 in Fuyang, 12 in Huainan, 11 in Chuzhou, 36 in lu’an, 30 in Ma’anshan, 26 in Wuhu, 5 in Xuancheng, 20 in Tongling, 11 in Chizhou, 60 in Anqing and 9 in Huangshan.
By the end of February 5, a total of 568 confirmed cases are now under medical treatment in hospital. Six cases are under critical condition.
Eleven cases are about to be discharged from hospital by February 6, two in Hefei, 3 in Bozhou, 4 in Fuyang, 1 in Xuancheng, and 1 in Tongling.
In order to provide people with correct ways to select and use face masks, National Epidemic Prevention and Control Committee published “Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Face Masks against New Coronavirus Infection”, in which five categories of people are given advice according to different risk levels.
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