River water rises as downpours hit China

Updated:Jul 19,2019 11:29 AM Xinhua

Water in many rivers in east and west China has been rising as downpours continue to hit the areas.

In the southwest province of Sichuan, heavy rainfall in the province's northeast since Tuesday has caused flash floods and geological disasters in a variety of localities.

The water in the local Qujiang River, a tributary of the major Jialing River, has been rising, causing flooding in many townships. Some buildings have been inundated.

In east China's Anhui Province, water in the Yangtze, China's longest river, has been rising, with water exceeding warning levels at several hydrological stations.

China has seen a record number of rivers reporting floods since this year's high-water season began, according to the Ministry of Water Resources.

Hundreds of rivers across the country have reported water exceeding alarm levels, over 80 percent more than the average annual number of such rivers registered since 1998 when severe floods hit China.