Updated:Aug 24,2017 15:28 PM

Tongling is located in south central Anhui Province and at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is one of the core cities of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and a key city of south central Anhui.

The city of Tongling was founded in 1956. It now has jurisdiction over one county and three districts (Zongyang County, Tongguan District, Yi’an District and Jiaoqu District), with the population of 1.7 million and the land area of 3,008 km2.


Tongling is a riverside city with abundant natural resources and profound industrial foundation.

There are over 30 kinds of rare metal minerals with proved reserves.  The reserves of copper, gold, silver and limestone in Tongling top the list in the province, while those of pyrite ranks first in East China and second across the country.

Tongling, eulogized as a “land of eight treasures” and “land of milk and honey” with all kinds of agricultural products, such as ginger, root-bark of peony, Zongyang duck, Zongyang pig, freshwater fish and crab.

Tongling is renowned as “the Bronze Capital of China” in ancient times and a “Modern Copper Industry Base” now. Tongling, the first copper industry base of China, produced the first batch of melted copper and copper ingots of the country. Meanwhile, the first stock of cooper companies was issued here, and the first Anhui-based enterprise with the property of one hundred billion yuan is also located in the city.

At Present, an industrial pattern with copper and chemical industries as the leading industries, the electronic information, equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection as the supply has been established in Tongling. It is the one of the eight major non-ferrous metals industry bases in China, a national key sulphur phosphor industrial base, national electronic materials base and key construction materials base along the Yangtze River.

The Tongling-based Tongling Nonferrous metals Group is the second largest electrolytic copper producer in the world, and Tongling Jingda Group is the third largest special electromagnetic wire producer in the world.


Tongling is a livable city with beautiful view and cultural heritages.

The City enjoys a mild climate with four distinct seasons. The Yangtze River flows through the city dotted with green hills and beautiful lakes. It has 3 national 4A tourist attractions and large areas of natural wetlands. The Yangtze River Dolphin Natural Protection Base is also established here.

Tongling has a long history. Copper extraction and smelting in the city can be traced back to the Shang and Zhou Dynasties about 3,000 years ago. It is the birthplace of “Tongcheng School”.


Tongling is an open city with superior location.

It is a transportation hub connecting the north and the south, and the east and the west. It is only 24 kilometers away from Jiuhuashan airport. Since Tongling is endowed with 142.6-kilometer-long golden waterway of the Yangtze River, Tongling port is a national first class open port, one of the first ports for cross-strait direct sail and the terminal port for 10,000-ton seagoing vessels sailing in the Yangtze River.

As a pilot city of resource-exhausted relocation, the demonstration city for the national financial policies supporting energy-saving and release-reducing, the national demonstration city for circular economy, the national demonstration city for green transformation development and the national demonstration city for smart city, Tongling has made great achievement in transformation development.