Updated:Sep 13,2016 16:38 PM
Ma'anshan is a young and energetic industrial city. It has developed into a garden city with 2.3 million people. Ma'anshan consists of 3 counties and 3 districts, and occupies an area of 4,049 square kilometers. 
 Geographic Advantages
Located at the Yangtze delta, Maanshan is a core city in the Nanjing Cities Circle and also the eastern gate of Anhui province. Maanshan has a convenient transportation. It only takes 3 hours from Shanghai to Maanshan via expressway and less than 40 min to Lukou International Airport. Maanshan harbor is a good natural deep-water port. It is A grade port and opens to international ships. Ning-Tong railway runs through Maanshan and links with main railways such as Jing-Hu, Jing-Jiu, Wan-Gan and Xuan-Hang.
Solid Bases for Industries
The industrial and economic strength is very powerful. Maanshan Iron and Steel Company, one of the China's top ten iron&steel corporations, has been elected the top fifty listed companies in China for 3 times continuously. Special vehicle of Xingma stock co. ltd covers the largest market share in the same industry in China. Also, Shanying stock co. ltd ranks No.1 in the cap-paper sales in the same industry in China. In recent years a large number of well-known enterprises from home and abroad such as Saint-gobain from France, Qingdao beer group, Marubeni Corporation from Japan have been attracted to Maanshan. Maanshan is progressively forming an opening frame of one zone and five parks. Maanshan economic and technological development zone is the head in the frame and taking the leading place. Other industries such as agriculture, travel and real estate have a good developing momentum.
Developed Science and Technology Education
Maanshan has a rich resource of talents. It has more than 100 educational, research and consulting institutes such as Anhui Technology University, Maanshan Iron&Steel Designing Institute, and Maanshan Mine Research Institute. All working staff are well educated. The proportion of professional technicians is among the top in China's mid-scale cities.
Wide Development Future
Entering the new century, Maanshan will play a more important role in the market economy stage. People of the city are determined to build it into a modernized city in the coming 5 to 10 years, expanding its district area to 100 sqkm, and the population to 1 million. Maanshan people are devoting themselves to fulfilling this goal.