Updated:Jul 10,2020 16:40 PM

The City of Lu'an, also known as "Wanxi (Western Anhui)", is located at the northern foot of Dabie Mountainous area. At present, there're four counties and three districts under its jurisdiction. They're Huoqiu County, Jinzhai County, Huoshan County, Shucheng County, Jin'an District, Yu'an District, Yeji District. By the end of 2019, the permeant residents had reached 4,873 thousand.

Neighboring Henan and Hubei Provinces, Lu’an is situated between the Yangtze and Huaihe River. Historically, it has been strategically important because of its geographic location. It was described in one ancient poem as "surrounded by mountains, Lu'an serves as a natural barrier to the southeast, and it is easy to reach lower reaches of both Yangtze and Huaihe River from here.” Currently, the No. 312, 206, 105 State Highways, Hefei-Jiujiang Railway, and Nanjing-Xi’an Railway run across Lu'an. It takes only one hour from Lu'an to Xinqiao International airport via highway.

Since ancient times, Lu’an is home to many brilliant talents such as Gaoyao who served as an assistant to the King of Shun and the King of Yu, Wen Weng who promoted opening schools, education and culture development in Sichuan in the Han Dynasty, Li Gongling who was a famous painter in the Song Dynasty, Yu Benyuan and Yu Benheng who were noted veterinarians in the Ming Dynasty, Yao Jianai who was the royal tutor in the Qing Dynasty and the founder of the nowadays Beijing University. Lu’an is also reputed as the "Home Town of Generals" with 108 generals born there who were founding fathers of the People’s Republic of China.

Lu'an is rich in tourist attractions with beautiful landscapes and places of historical and cultural interest. It boasts of one state-level forest park Tiantangzhai Forest Park, and many scenic spots including Nanyue Mountain, Tongluozhai, Wanfo Mountain, Bagong Mountain, etc., and many holiday resorts such as the Wanfo Lake, Anfeng Lake and Shuimen Lake.

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