Updated:May 20,2020 15:04 PM
Chuzhou is located in east Anhui Province and the west of Yangtze River Delta. With a total area of 13.5 thousand square kilometers and a registered population of 4.553 million, it has jurisdiction over two county-level cities, four counties and two districts—Tianchang city, Mingguang city, Laian county, Quanjiao county, Fengyang county, Dingyuan county, Langya district and Nanqiao district. 

Chuzhou connects the east with the west of China thanks to its good geographical location. Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Hefei-Nanjing and Bengbu-Nanjing freeways lie across the city. It takes two hours to reach Hefei, capital city of Anhui Province and only an hour to get to Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu Province. 

Chuzhou is named after the Chuhe River which runs across it. There are many rivers and creeks crisscrossing the city. Most of the city is hilly lands while the area along the Chuhe River, the Huaihe River and the Gaoyou Lake is plain. Rivers and hills form the beautiful landscape of the city that had appealed to many famous writers since ancient times. Wei Yingwu and Ouyang Xiu left many poems and essays describing the natural beauty and local culture, among which, The Story of the Old Drunkard’s Pavilion is the most well-known one. The essay written by Ouyang Xiu in the Song dynasty elaborates the joy he and his friends got while drinking wine and enjoying splendid landscape. The Old Drunkard’s Pavilion is on Langya Mountain, a famous tourist attraction in Chuzhou.