Updated:Dec 03,2021 10:23 AM ah.gov.cn

Located in northwest Anhui, Fuyang is in the southern part of Huabei Plain. Presently, Fuyang has jurisdiction over a prefectural city Jieshou, four counties –Yingshang, Taihe, Linquan, and Funan and three districts –Yingzhou, Yingquan and Yingdong, with an area of 10,118.17 km² and over 10 million citizens.

This is the hometown of many ancient elites –Guanzhong, Pao Shuya and Ji Kang. The great poets in the Song Dynasty –Yanshu, Ouyangxiu and Sushi – served as governors here. Many poets were created by Ouyangxiu and Sushi to describe the beautiful views of Yingzhou Xihu Lake. You can find many ancient relics and culture heritages in this city.

Fuyang is rich in natural resources. It is the national main production area of commodity grain, high-quality cotton, meat and goats. Various local products are famous both at home and abroad, such as dehydrated vegetables, Liubian (handicrafts of willow-branches), Gongchun (tender leaves of Chinese toon) and mint. The reserves of coal, petroleum and natural gas are also considerable.

Fuyang Station serves as one of the most important express railway hubs in Anhui connecting Fuyang to many cities with its star-shaped railway and highway network. Every year about 9 million passengers and 30 million tons of goods are sent by railway, 0.7 billion passengers and 0.8 billion tons of goods are transported by road and 45 million tons of goods are shipped, making Fuyang one of the busiest terminals in the province.