Updated:Sep 13,2019 16:43 PM
Bengbu, also known as “Pearl city”, is located in north Anhui. With a registered population of 3939.4 thousand, Bengbu covers an area of 5,952 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over Huaiyuan County, Wuhe County, Guzhen County, Longzihu Zone, Bengshan Zone, Yuhui Zone and Huaishang Zone.

Rich in history and culture, Bengbu is the cradle of Huaihe River Civilization. As early as 4000 years ago, Da Yu, the hero from Xia tribe launched the flood combating campaign by dredging waterway to guide floodwater into Huaihe River in the west suburb of Bengbu, leaving the household story of “King Yu did no step into his home for three times when passing by due to the emergency of floods”. It was also the place where the famous Gaixia battle took place in the period of Three Kingdoms.

It is very convenient to travel from and to Bengbu city. It is one of the important hubs of China Beijing-Shanghai Railway which stretches from north to south China. Taking a train from Bengbu, you can reach many provincial capitals, three directly governed cities and over ten coastal cities. Furthermore, Beijing-Fuzhou HighwayFuzhou) and Nanjing-Luoyang Highway meet each other at Bengbu. Bengbu is also the largest port along Huaihe River.

There are many beautiful natural sceneries lying along the Huaihe River and linked by mountains and rivers. In the downtown area are located 4 state 4A-grade Scenic Spots including Longzihu Scenic Spot, Hequan Farm, Zhanggongshan Scenic Spot and Bengbu Sluice Scenic Spot.

Bengbu has full ranges of industries and is a significant comprehensive industrial base in Anhui consisting of manufactures of farm and sideline products deep processing, fine chemicals, glass and glass deep processing, machine tool building and auto parts, IT and new materials, new energy etc..

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