Updated:Apr 25,2019 15:56 PM

Suzhou is the north gate of Anhui. It adjoins Huai'an of Jiangsu Province, Heze of Shandong Province and Shangqiu of Henan Province.

In 1999, Suzhou became a city consisting of Dangshan County, Xiaoxian County, Lingbi County, Sixian County and Yongqiao District. It has jurisdiction over 110 townships with a total area of 9787 km² and the total population of 6.5656 million.

Suzhou boast the granary and the orchard of the province. Its output of wheat, corn and peanut rank first in the province. The old course of the Yellow River in Xiaoxian County and Dangshan County is the largest fruit producing area in China. Lingbi County and Sixian County are among the Top 10 counties in animal husbandry across the province. Pears from Dangshan, grapes from Xiaoxian, Fuliji roast chicken and Jiagou rice are all well-known local products.

The City is rich in mineral resources. 28 kinds of minerals have been discovered here. The identified reserves of coalbed methane is 60 billion cubic meters, and that of coal reaches 6 billion tons. Lingbi Stone is one kind of natural stones popular among collectors.