Updated:Dec 01,2021 16:21 PM

Located in north Anhui, Huaibei was established as a prefecture-level city in 1960. With Xiangshan District, Duji District, Lieshan District and Suixi County under its jurisdiction, the city covers an area of 2,741 square kilometers and has a population of over 2.2 million.

It is a resource-based city and an emerging modern industrial city. It is also an important member of the Central Plains Economic Zone and a core city of Huaihai Economic Zone.

With a coal reserve of 4.8 billion tons, the city is one of the thirteen major coal-producing bases in China. The annual production of raw coal totals over 38 million tons, and the installed generation capacity reaches 5,424 megawatts.

The city has established its traditional competitive industries including coal power, machine manufacturing, textile, garment, new types of building materials, green food industry through decades of development. It also sees rapid growth of strategic emerging industries such as ceramic and aluminum new materials industry, new types of coal chemical industry, electronic information industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and biological medicine industry. Good momentum shows in the development of modern service industries including information consultation, law service, e-commerce, modern logistics, culture and tourism, health and elderly care.