Updated:Jul 22,2019 15:00 PM The Information Office of Anhui Provincial People’s Government

Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, also an associate central city of the world-class Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration, is home to the national comprehensive science center. Innovation will make the city even global oriented and even more competitive. Under the city's jurisdiction there are four urban districts, four counties, and one county-level city. They are Feidong, Feixi, Changfeng and Lujiang counties, Yaohai, Luyang, Shushan and Baohe districts, and Chaohu City. The city’s total area is about 11,400 square kilometers, with a resident population of 8.08 million.

Long History and Profound Culture

Hefei is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,000 years. It has enjoyed the reputation of "first-ranking prefecture located in the area between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River and strategic place of ancient Wu State and Chu State" and "Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms and Hometown of Lord Bao." It was the seat of Luzhou Prefecture in the period of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Therefore it is also called "Luzhou."

Advantageous Geographic Location

Located in mid-east of China, Hefei is the very center to a circle with a radius of 500 km, which covers 7 provinces and 1 metropolis with a population of nearly 500 million. The circle enjoys a well-developed and fastest-growing consumption-based economy.

Hefei is a comprehensive transportation hub in China. It has easy access to any kind of transportation including high-speed railway, expressway, international airport and inland waterway transport. Hefeinan (Hefei South) High-speed Railway Station is one of the four major railway hubs in East China. The layout of the high-speed railway network in the shape of a regular pentagon has been gradually taken shape. It enables passengers to travel to many important domestic cities within 3 hours. The 4E-graded airport named as Xinqiao Int'l Airport is designed to facilitate 12 million passengers traveling through the airport. As an inland port, Hefei New Port can deal with freights with tonnage exceeding 2,000 tons.

Abundant Science and Education Resources

As an important base for science and education in China, Hefei is the first pilot science and technology innovation city in China, a pilot innovation city of national significance and a member city of WTA (World Technopolis Association). Nature, a British multidisciplinary scientific journal, reports that Hefei is ranked third in China in terms of basic scientific research strength. Hefei boasts of 60 institutions of high-learning including the University of Science and Technology of China. It plays an important role in scientific research in China and has eight national institutes of science research including Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and No.38 Research Institute of CETC. The number of agencies involved in research and development (R&D) exceeds 1,400. The city is the location of five national major science research facilities. It is also home to 120 academicians and more than 1.7 million highly skilled technicians and professionals.

Industries with Distinctive Features

Hefei is a new booming industrial city featuring manufacturing. A number of key industries have taken shape, including household appliance, equipment manufacturing, auto-making, and electronics and information. In recent years, new emerging industries such as flat panel display, intelligent voice, new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic power system, and public safety have geared up and progressed rapidly. The first-mover advantage is gradually established in the nation. The city is accelerating the development of integrated circuits, gas turbines, biomedicine, high-end medical and equipment, intelligent robots and intelligent manufacturing industries. New breakthroughs are being made.

Opening-up to the outside with Vitality

The city has established economic and trade relationship with more than 216 countries and regions. At present, nearly 3,200 enterprises from 64 countries and regions have invested in and started up businesses here. Of which, 46 foreign companies are among the world top 500. Progresses have been made in the construction of infrastructure for opening up to the outside world. The city is deeply involved in the Yangtze River Delta regional development and cooperation, actively participates in the customs clearance construction in the Yangtze River Delta and the integrated development of the regional customs clearance in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The city vows non-stop effort in opening up to the outside world and becoming a new pioneer of opening up in the country's expansive inland area.

Environment Suitable for Living and Starting up Business

Covering an area of 800 square kilometers, Chaohu Lake sits in the middle of the greater Hefei metropolitan area. The city enjoys beautiful landscape where mountains, waters, forests and gardens mingle together, and man and nature coexist harmoniously. This is a typical place compatible with various fashions. The ideal environment is most suitable for living and starting up business. Hefei has won various honors such as the Fifth and Sixth National Ethical and Cultural Progressive City, Advanced City for Afforestation, Garden City, Excellent Tourist City, and Excellent City for Comprehensive Environment Management. It has been awarded for several times "China Excellent Living Environment Prize." It also won such titles as "China's City Worthy of Investment and with Greatest Potential for Investment Appraised by Multinational Companies" In recent years, it has been rated as one of the "Nation's 50 Best Cities for Investment Environment." It is also recognized by the State Council as the "National Advanced City for Entrepreneurship." It has been selected for six times as "Happiest City in China." Hefei is now committed to accelerating "industrial transformation through innovation-driven development and improving the quality of economy. It reinforces efforts to build Hefei into a "great city with a great lake and of great ideas." In 2018, Hefei's GDP reached 782.29 billion yuan, increased by 8.5 percent; the fiscal revenue was 137.83 billion, increased by 10.2 percent.

People from all walks of life throughout the city vow to speed up the construction of an innovative metropolis with international influence, and strive to write Hefei's own chapter in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.