10 Anhui Firms among China's Top 500

Updated:Sep 02,2019 11:11 AM www.cnanhui.org

China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association unveiled this year’s top 500 Chinese enterprises on Sunday, including 10 based in East China’s Anhui province.

Conch topped Anhui-based firms, ranking 105th nationwide with operating revenue of 188.51 billion yuan ($26.35 billion).

The minimum revenue on the list stood at 32.33 billion yuan, up from last year’s 30.69 billion yuan.

Sinopec topped the list with revenue of 2.74 trillion yuan, followed by PetroChina (2.60 trillion yuan) and the State Grid (2.56 trillion yuan). Huawei registered 721.20 billion yuan in operating revenue, ranking 15th in China.

Anhui-based companies among the top 500 are listed as follows:

Anhui Conch Group Co. (105th)

Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co. (109th)

Ma'anshan Steel and Iron Co. (210th)

Chery Automobile Group Co. (267th)

Huaibei Coal Mining Group Co. (287th)

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co. (342nd)

Huaihe Energy Group Co. (386th )

Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group (399th)

Anhui Construction Engineering Group Co. (401st)

Wanbei Coal-Electricity Group Co. (472nd)