Wuhu: New height of the 3D printing industry

Updated:Feb 25,2022 16:16 PM www.cnanhui.org

A technician of Hate 3D Company works on a metal 3D printing device laser sintering metal powder to produce SLM metal test pieces in Chungu 3D printing Intelligent equipment Industrial Park, Feb 22.

Anhui Hate 3D technology company is in the domestic first echelon of the additive manufacturing enterprises,committed to build itself into a world's leading additive manufacturing enterprise, providing application solutions to the society. The company's involvement in the R&D and production of the main torch of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, fully shows that Wuhu is a smart city with the competitive power.

Located in Fanchang District, Anhui Chungu 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park has signed contracts and settled down more than 60 3D printing enterprises, whose products involve machine equipment, special materials, data software, application services and other fields, basically building a whole industrial chain. At present, Wuhu is making strides in the innovation of 3D printing industry. By introducing a number of leading talents,leading enterprises and innovative enterprises, it is committed to build a place for new ideas,new things and new products, and construct the pattern of "Wuhu Manufacturing", "Wuhu Intelligent Manufacturing", and "Wuhu Creation".