Digital China to invest 10 billion yuan to build a tech base in Hefei

Updated:Jan 27,2021 10:43 AM

Digital China Group Co Ltd, a leading Chinese provider for cloud services and digital transformation solutions, has announced it will invest 10 billion yuan ($1.545 billion) to build a base in Hefei, East China's Anhui province, to develop crucial information technology innovative products.

The base will include a production base for information technology innovation industrial products and a software adaptation center. It also will house model projects for industrial ecological integration to create an ecosystem from the CPU, motherboard, server and database to software development.

Guo Wei, chairman of Digital China, said earlier this month that the strong scientific and educational strength and the industrial agglomeration effect are pushing Hefei to become a new industrial innovation highland.

The establishment of the base in Hefei is an opportunity and a new starting point, and Digital China will cooperate with ecological partners to create a national highland for the development of information technology innovation industry, Guo said.

Founded in 2000, Digital China aims to help China improve through its digital transformation and is devoted to energizing the digital transformation for the industry with independent innovation of core technologies.