Three Wuhu-based enterprises listed among the Top 100 in the Yangtze River Delta

Updated:Dec 16,2020 10:31 AM

The Enterprise Federation of the Yangtze River Delta Region (covering Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui) released the list of top 100 enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta 2020. Three Wuhu-based enterprises—Conch Group, Midea Group Wuhu Company, Chery Holding Group are on the list.

The revenue of companies on the list totaled 16.4 trillion yuan in 2019, up 13.57 percent year-on-year; net profits amounted to 711.23 billion yuan, up 19.60 percent.

It’s learned that Anhui Conch Group ranked 17th with the revenue of 234.3 billion yuan, Midea Group Wuhu Company ranked 75th with the revenue of 77 billion yuan and Chery Holding Group ranked 77th with the revenue of 75.9 billion yuan.