ELANTAS Tongling Co., Ltd.

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Located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Tongling City, ELANTAS Tongling Co., Ltd. was registered in December of 2006, as a 100% subsidiary of ELANTAS Division of ALTANA Group Germany. It was formerly known as Tongling Siva Insulating Materials Co., Ltd founded in 1995.

Its main products are enamels used for manufacturing of magnet wires. They are coated on the surface of copper or alumina wires and cured to form electrical insulation film possessing certain mechanical strength, thermal resistant and chemical resistant properties. 

Cleanness, high efficiency and consistence have been the elementary requirement of ELANTAS Tongling on manufacturing of wire enamels. In order to achieve the target, ELANTAS Tongling has installed qualified equipment accompanied by adequate guidelines.


Add: ELANTAS (Tongling) Co. Ltd.

No.6 Cuihu Lu, Tongling Economic & Technology Development Zone

PRC-244000 Tongling City, Anhui Province

China (P.R.)


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