Tongling Jingda

Updated:Mar 21,2019 16:35 PM

Tongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. is located in Tongling City, China's important copper production base. This high-tech enterprise is the largest special magnet wire producer in China and the third largest one in the world.

It was established in February 1990. Currently, it has over 2,925 employees and 12 subsidiary companies (including 4 joint venture companies, 6 domestically funded companies and 2 trading companies). It owns a technical development center at the provincial level.

It has four major production bases in Anhui, Guangdong, Tianjin and Jiangsu. Its products are directly sold in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim Region. Some of its products have been exported to Europe and South Asia.

Jingda was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange Market on September 11, 2002 with Stock Code of 600577.

In 2017, the total sales volume of Jingda’s products is 224,896 tons, including 154,020 tons of magnet wire, 48,036 tons of automobile wire and electronic wire, 2,840 tons of special conductor wire, 6,350 tons of copper rods (wire), 13,650 tons of aluminum rods (wire), and manufacturing and maintaining 181,000 dies.

The products of Jingda are widely used in the following industries: household appliances, electronics, automobiles, electric power, communication and power tools.