Bozhou-Wuhu Modern Industrial Park

Updated:May 13,2021 11:04 AM

Bozhou-Wuhu Modern Industrial Park was established as a provincial-level development zone in January 2012, with the aim to accelerate the development of northern Anhui and strengthen cooperation between north and south Anhui. The development zone jointly built by Wuhu and Bozhou City is located in the south of Bozhou and covers a total planning area of 34 square kilometers. So far, health, new material and advanced manufacturing industry have become the leading industries of the development zone.

At present, infrastructures such as roads, lights and sewage treatment and centralized heating facilities have been put into use in the development zone. A total of 32 roads including Bowu Dadao, Tangwang Dadao and Gujing Dadao have been built. Other facilities such as Bowu 2.5 Industrial Building, Bowu Grand Hotel, Zhanghe River flower boarder, a 237 thousand-square-meter apartment building for employers, a 50 thousand-square-meter community center and 90 thousand-square-meter standard plant are put into use successively.

The industrial park is home to 1,075 companies now. Despite the impact of COVID-19, the GDP of the park in 2021 reached 954 million yuan, up by 1.8 percent over the previous year. The fiscal revenue was 368 million yuan, growing by 15.3 percent. The added value of industries of designated scale reached 626 million yuan, rising by 3.6 percent. The investment in fixed assets was 3.305 billion yuan. The growth rate private investment, fiscal revenue and industrial investment in the park ranks the top in the city.

The development zone will focus on the development of heath industry, new material industry and advanced manufacturing, and strive to boost modern service industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period.

The park has been devoting to attracting investment from other provinces. In 2020, it signed strategic cooperation agreements with Zhejiang National Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Provincial Toumen Port Economic and Technological Development Zone. From 2020, a total of 22 projects with the overall investment of 13.238 billion yuan have been signed with enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta. Among them, the total investment of Yunda Modern Industrial Park reaches 5 billion yuan; that of Shanghai Xiaoqiao Technology Company Limited aiming to build the first intelligent fitness equipment industrial park in Bozhou is 5.7 billion yuan.

The hardware and electrical industrial park under construction has signed the settlement agreements with 15 Zhengjiang-based enterprises.

In addition, the park strives to establish several industrial clusters concerning headquarters economy, human resources, health, hardware manufacturing and logistics.

The park also makes efforts to create a convenient, open and fair business environment, and to provide inclusive and efficient government services for enterprises.