Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone

Updated:Sep 19,2014 08:56 AM ah.gov.cn

New Breakthroughs in Strategic Emerging Industries

After you enter the city center from the Western Entry of Xuancheng City along Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Anhui Expressway, the first scene that catches your eyes is the construction of Economic and Technological Development Zone which is in full swing. A brand new urban area is rising rapidly here. In 2011, Xuancheng Economic Development Zone maintains a rapid growth momentum. The annual industrial output value is increased by 15.1 percent; fiscal revenue grows 63.6 percent; the volume of imports and exports rises by 64.6 percent; domestic capital from inside the province that is ensured to allocate grows by 63.3 percent; domestic capital from outside the province that is ensured to allocate increase 70.4 percent, and fixed asset investment grows by 47 percent.


Undertaking Industrial Relocation and Improving Quality of Development

In 2011, the policy-makers of the Development Zone seizes the opportunity of construction of Anhui Demonstration Area for Industrial Relocation into Cities along the Yangtze River (Wangjiang Demonstration Area), initiating “Project 7411” (the seven square kilometers starting-up area of the Westward Extended Demonstration Area in the Development Zone, the construction of 4000 replacement apartments, 100 new companies that are started to construct, doubling of the main economic indicators), the Development Zone efficiently undertakes industrial relocation and consolidates a sound and rapid economic development momentum.

Throughout the whole year, 105 new investment projects are signed with a total agreed investment of 16.24 billion yuan in fixed assets, of which, the volume of four investment projects exceeds one billion yuan, the volume of 28 investment projects ranges from one hundred million yuan to one billion yuan, the volume of 50 investment projects ranges 50 million yuan to one hundred million.

New breakthroughs have been achieved in the development of strategic emerging industries. A number of strategic emerging industrial projects have been signed up, including Zhongding Industrial Park, Huamingfeicai, Sapphire LED Substrate, Jindalee Hydraulic Motor and Hydraulic Pump. The investment policies are also adjusted and improved. The indicators of input-output ratio, contribution rate of tax revenue per mu of land available are linked to the price of the land to encourage saving and intensive land use and to improve the efficiency of undertaking industrial relocation. Construction of projects are pushed forward smoothly. All together 11 Groundbreaking ceremonies have been held with 108 projects being started construction .

Improving Facilities and Expanding Development

Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone was approved to establish in 1996 by the provincial government as an economic and technological development zone of provincial significance, covering a total area of 80 square kilometers. The construction of the planned 17-square-kilometer core area has been basically completed.

To further strengthen the guiding and controlling role of planning, according to the requirement of “intensive layout, intensive use of land, industrial clustering, and full facilities,” the Development Zone has prepared “Master Plan of Development Zone,” and “Blueprint of Demonstration Area for Industrial Relocation.”

The development plan of the Demonstration Zone is wisely combined with the overall urban planning, in addition, it is also combined with the plan of the infrastructure including energy, transportation, water supply, electricity communications and other facilities that support the economic and social development.

The layout of the leading industries, infrastructure and productive and daily living service coordinate and promote the development of serviced land in a sustainable and timely manner for the guidance of public utilities, local authorities and the private sector. The program tracks land demand and supply as well as proposed development and infrastructure to promote a more effective use of land, better staging of development and prioritization of infrastructure investment to support urban growth. It also relates to strategic planning for future land supply. At present, the construction of West District which is an expanded part of the Development Zone is in full swing. The construction of the 13-square-kilometer starting-up area is accelerated.

Innovation and Reform Enhance Core Competitiveness

The national-level development zone is an important carrier for implementation of the reform and opening up strategy and is an important banner of leading the rapid growth of demonstrative and open economy. To strive for the upgrading of the provincial level development zone to a national-level economic and technological development zone, we still need to vigorously implement the construction of soft environment, steadily push forward the management system, personnel system, and distribution system reform, and constantly improve the administrative and service functions. Implementation of management at different levels, management system of separating the governmental affairs from entrepreneurial affairs. In the state-owned enterprises including the Construction and Investment Corporation, a board of directors and a board of supervisors will be set up to initially build up the management model of “entity management, enterprise operation.” Effective input into livelihood projects will be increased to guarantee smooth construction of all kinds of livelihood projects. Basic public service system for education, science and technology, health, employment, and social security will be continuously improved.