Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone

Updated:Sep 19,2014 08:50 AM Anhui Today

Attempting to Create an Economic Zone with an Output of “Hundred Billion Yuan”

Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone was founded in 1992. In April 2011, the State Council officially approved Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone as an Economic and Technological Development Zone of National significance. The Zone covers an area of 70 square kilometers. So far, more than 500 enterprises have settled down with a total investment exceeding 65 billion yuan. In recent years, the Zone relies on a strong industrial base and industrial advantages, focusing on the development of five leading industries, including copper processing, electronic materials, equipment manufacturing, metallurgy and chemical industry, textile and apparel industries. The Zone has built an industrial demonstration system of circular economy with rational and efficient use of such resources as copper, iron and sulfur, and with energy as the complementary core.


 Introduction of Projects Adds Vitality to Restructuring & Development

Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone actively experiments with new methods of attracting investment and business through agents, zero land, fairs and festivals. A number of giant projects have been attracted, including Jingda Rea Special Enameled Wire Co., Ltd, Ruizhan Science and Technology Development Company, Quanwei (Tongling) Copper Technology Co., Ltd., Haorong Electronic Co.,Ltd., Zhongfa Electrical Industrial Park, and Warner Copper Industrial Company. These giant projects adds vitality and support to the restructuring and development of Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone. Since the implementation of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the Development Zone has has all together introduced nearly 170 projects, each of which is at the value of more than ten million yuan, with a total investment amounting to 37 billion yuan. A number of industrial parks have been formed, including copper processing industrial park, electronic materials industrial park, and equipment manufacturing industrial park. The investors and business people are from nearly 40 countries in U.S. Europe and Asia as well as from outside Anhui province.


Extension of Industrial Chain Adds Competitiveness for Leaping-forward Development

As a copper-based high-tech new material industrial chain of national significance, Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone has formed three relatively complete industrial chains, including new copper-based materials, basic electronic materials and new electronic components and equipment manufacturing. There are all together 43 enterprises above designated size. To actively create a high level of carrier for industrial relocation, the Development Zone takes the initiative to attract industrial relocation by providing deficient chains, integrating the existing industrial chains in the way of extending vertically and horizontally, the relevant manufacturers on the industrial chain also take the initiative to extend and integrate product chains through the use of technology tools, so that the enterprise’s product structure can be more optimized to achieve “double upgrading” of business competitiveness and the competitiveness of the Development Zone.


“Technology Innovation” Adds Momentum for Sustainable Development

Currently, Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone has been identified to have 37 state-level high-tech enterprises, one state-level enterprise technical center, nine provincial-level enterprise technical centers, 7 provincial engineering technology research centers, two provincial laboratories, and one post-doctoral research station. In Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone, 90 percent of the enterprises above designated size have set up their own R & D institutions, 80 percent of them have built up technology partnerships with institutions and universities inside and outside of the province. The Development Zone strives to build a number of public service platforms, with one national high-tech innovation service center, one national productivity promotion demonstration center, and one provincial technology transfer demonstration institution. At the same time, the Development Zone has established an electronic materials testing and inspection platform, and a public service platform for SMEs to share innovation resources. In addition, in order to foster project sources and corporate sources, the municipal government plans to jointly build technology business incubators with the University of Science and Technology of China.

In 2011, Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone takes the chance of having been granted the status of state-level economic development zone and state-level new industrialization demonstration base, continuing to increase attraction of investment, reinforce infrastructure construction and economic development efforts. The annual GDP of the Development Zone amounts to 9.5 billion yuan, an increase of 18 percent; the industrial output value yielded by industrial enterprises above designated size totals 35 billion yuan, with an increase of 50 percent. The Development Zone has accomplished investment in fixed assets accounting for 8.1 billion yuan, an increase of 25.4 percent; the fiscal revenue reaches of 720 million yuan, an increase of 50.1 percent. All of these have laid a solid foundation for achieving the goal described in the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”.