Chizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

Updated:Sep 19,2014 08:39 AM

Giant Projects Boost the Rapid Economic Development

Chizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 1992. In 1995, it was upgraded to the Economic and Technological Development Zone of provincial significance. On June 29, 2011, approved by the State Council, Chizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone was designated as a national-level economic and technological development zone. 


 Sustained Rapid Economic Growth

Overall, the plan for the last five years was implemented well, and the main objectives and tasks set forth in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” were successfully accomplished. In 2010, the regional GDP is seven times higher than that in 2005; financial revenue, 6.6 times higher than that in 2005; the total fixed asset investment, 6 times more than that in 2005; the added value yielded by the industries above designated size, 9.8 times more than that in 2005; nearly 300 enterprises settled.

We have accomplished a good start for the implementation of the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”. The local GDP for the whole year reaches 2.5 billion, an increase of 18 percent; the financial revenue amounts to 550 million yuan, up 83.3 percent; the added value yielded by the industries above designated size is 1.7 billion, with a growth of 25 percent. In the same year, 17 additional enterprises above designated size settle here; the total fixed asset investment approaches 2.75 billion yuan, up 57.8 percent, of which, industrial fixed assets investment accounts for 2.3 billion yuan, increased by 47.7 percent; 145 million US dollars has been accomplished for foreign trade volume, growing 20.8 percent; the use of foreign capital reaches 52 million US dollars, an increase of 62.8 percent; the number of newly introduced projects above designated size is 32, 24 projects have been completed and put into operation. About 4.3 billion yuan have been paid in full.

Major Projects Established Here

In the last two years, the administration of the development zone has focused on attracting nationwide well-known enterprises, state-owned enterprises and giant private enterprises, successfully introducing and constructing a number of major projects. The electronic information industry is considered as the priority industry to be cultivated.

About 20.3 billion yuan has been put into the first phase of Zhengwei Semiconductor Industry Park. After its being put into production, the sales income will accomplish 18 billion, yielding 1 billion tax revenue; with an investment of 3 billion yuan into the copper crown project, the annual output of electronic copper foil will reach 30 thousand tons after its being put into operation, the annual sales income will be 3.3 million yuan; Kingsun Otoelectronic Co.,Ltd. has invested 1 billion yuan into a LED lamp project, after completion and being put into production, 600 thousand high-power LED lamps will be produced, with an annual output value of 2.5 billion yuan. In the new energy industry, in the New Energy Industry Park of China National Building Materials Company, the construction of the TCO main plant is completed which will produce coated glass substrate solar cells, the core technology has been completed research. It will become the world’s third enterprise to master the core technology in this aspect; EHE New Energy has finished the preliminary work to apply for being listed at the stock market. Beijing Olympic Refrigeration, Dingli Optoelectronics, Taiwan-originated Green Energy and a number of other companies have been put into operation. In the equipment manufacturing industry, the annual output of engines and complete vehicles produced by Zhonghengtianli, a joint venture between China Hi-Tech Group Corporation and Lida Heavy Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Company, will reach respectively 400 thousand and 200 thousand.

The assembly line of special vehicle with an annual output of 3000 has started construction; the project of Sany Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing has successfully settled and is in full wing of being under construction. In the new materials industry, the extension project of copper crown is progressing well, 200 thousand tons of lead and zinc project have been put into operation.

The Sci-tech Role Has Been Fully Highlighted
In terms of introduction of projects, the development zone insists on environmental protection threshold with full implementation of environmental access system. Green emerging strategic industries are encouraged to develop.

Copper Crown adopted the world’s most advanced technology of lead and zinc smelting transformation to produce 200 thousand tons of lead and zinc. The production procedure has achieved the world-class and national leading green smelting standards. The company strengthens energy-saving technological transformation and implements energy assessment and energy contract management system. Enterprises are requested to wash out the self-prepared heating facilities, a pulverized coal-fired boiler that generates thermal energy by burning pulverized coal, instead, a communal central heating system is put into use to provide heating for all end-users.

Enterprises are encouraged to rely on independent innovation and introduction of technology, and strive to improve the ability of independent originality and technical equipment. There are 25 companies that have established long-term research project cooperation with universities and research institutes. Four companies including Yihe New Energy and Xuhao Mechanical are identified as high-tech enterprises by the Provincial Science and Technology Department. “The assembly of photovoltaic power generation system” and 11 other products are identified as high-tech products of provincial significance. High voltage transducer ws awarded the title of a key new product at the provincial level; the industrial output value generated by high-tech enterprises in 2010 accounts for more than 25 percent of the Development Zone’s total. A number of research institutions have been set up here to increase significantly the enterprise’s core competitiveness. The institutions include Yihe Photovoltaic Institute of Hefei University of Technology, Chizhou Sub-center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology Research Center of Supergravity, the Mining Industrial Institute of China National Building Materials Corporation, and Beijing Olympic Refrigeration Academician Work Station.