300 Projects to Invite Investment

Updated:Oct 17,2016 14:29 PM www.cnanhui.org

300 selected projects valued at 300 billion yuan (44.59 billion USD) will invite investment during 2016 Anhui Investment & Trade Expo to be held from October 18 to 19. These projects cover 9 fields, namely, material and new material, electronic information and home appliance, auto and equipment manufacturing, energy and new energy, food and drug, textile, modern service and culture.

In recent years, Anhui has held a series of expos, such as Investment & Trade Expo CA, Expo Central China and so on, which has achieved a lot. During the 12th Five-Year Plan, the annual growth rate of Anhui’s actual utilization of foreign direct investment reached 22.1 percent. More and more World Top 500 Companies were attracted to come to Anhui. At present, 72 World Top 500 Companies have established 120 enterprises in Anhui.