Wuhu to boost online economy

Updated:Jun 07,2021 10:14 AM www.wuhu.gov.cn

Wuhu will seize the opportunity of integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the implementation of “Digital Jianghuai” initiative to boost online economy of the city, according to a document issued recently.

By 2025, the city will strive to make more breakthroughs in key technologies, introduce more application scenarios, bring obvious effect of capacity agglomeration, establish sound supporting system, and significantly expand the industrial scale. With rapid improvement of its competitiveness, online economy will become a new driving force for the city's industrial upgrading and high-quality economic development.

The city will seek high-quality economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading by accelerating the innovative development of a vibrant online economy.

The city will also focus on the development of key areas including intelligent manufacturing, online retail, online trade, online education, and intelligent medical care.