Optimizing Civic Services

Updated:Jun 11,2019 17:36 PM Anhui, China 2019

Anhui's civic service work adheres to the people-centered development concept. The province encourages online approvals and services, and works faster to build a province-wide online platform for government services, enabling access via one website and remote processing, so that more matters can be handled without the need to be physically present. The reform makes it as convenient for enterprises and the masses to go to the government to handle affairs as "online shopping". The "Anhui Government Affairs Service Network" has achieved full coverage at the provincial, municipal, county, township and village levels. All kinds of government affairs and services "should be handled online".

At the same time, the government service will be extended to the mobile terminal and the government apps that can keep the residents informed and connected while they are on-the-go. It promoted across-the-board implementation of the policy of helping to streamline services and make citizens’ lives easier. A total of 680 government services are now delivered via responsive online means instead. They are instantly accessible from anywhere at the touch of a button – making citizens far more likely to use them.

The province actively participates in the integration of government services in the Yangtze River Delta and jointly implements the inter-provincial government services integration pilot in six aspects, including the implementation of identity authentication, the application of electronic certificates, mobile communication, on-line civic affairs handling, off-line and off-site on-site handling, and unified consultation and complaint. For matters that do require presence in person, they should be processed at a single window, within a specified time, and without the need for a second visit. The Government Affairs Service Center of Anhui Provincial People's Government deals with one hundred percent of civic affairs on the spot with a single visit while The government affairs service centers at the municipal level and county level deal with 97 percent of civic affairs on the spot with a single visit. Around the hot issues in key areas of concern to the enterprise and masses, the government affairs service centers at the provincial level, municipal level and county level have sorted out more than 100 online and offline high-frequency issues respectively and begin to carry out thematic services. They have gradually streamlined the approval projects, and optimized the approval process. Their attempts are manifestation of this commitment.

At the same time, they have pushed forward the reform of comprehensive windows, and realized "one-window acceptance and integrated services" for key issues such as enterprise start-up, real estate registration, and construction permits for industrial construction projects. The actual average processing time limit for the examination and approval of service items by the provincial government service center has been shortened to 4.5 working days, i.e. the immediate processing rate reached 89.2 percent. Self-service areas have been set up to provide 24-hour and seven-day service for enterprises and the masses.

If you want to learn more about obtaining any government services, just visit the home page of The Public & Government Affairs Service Center of Anhui Provincial People's Government at https://www.ahzwfw.gov.cn/

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