Regional Development Plan

Updated:Aug 30,2014 16:00 PM The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province

Plan of Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone of the Wanjiang City Belt

The Plan of Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone of the Wanjiang City Belt (hereafter referred to as Plan) was approved by the State Council on January 12, 2010. This was the first strategic plan specially designed promoting the central and western regions to receive the industrial transfer. It was the first nation-level development plan of Anhui. The plan is therefore of great significance, like milestone, for Anhui, a rising province.

According to the Plan, the Wanjiang City Belt is composed of 59 counties (including county-level cities). They are Hefei, Wuhu, Maanshan, Tongling, Anqing, Chizhou, Chaohu, Chuzhou, Xuancheng, Jin’an District and Shucheng County of Lu’an. The Demonstration Zone will exert an influence across the whole province and connect with the Yangtze River Delta Region. Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone of the Wanjiang City Belt will be constructed with the new industrial pattern of “One Axis, Two Cores and Two Wings” on the basis of existing industries and its advantage in location and resource. Specifically, “One Axis” refers to the city belt along the Yangtze River. “Two Cores” are Hefei and Wuhu. “Two Wings” include Chuzhou and Xuancheng. The main emphasis of the industrial transfer lies in equipment manufacturing, raw materials, light textile, high technology, modern service industry and modern agriculture, with the purpose of promoting industrial innovation and upgrading. It is to accelerate the construction of the north and south areas of the Yangtze River, the areas directly under the management of provincial government, so as to undertake the industrial transfer.

According to the Plan, Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone of the Wanjiang City Belt was explicitly defined as the pilot region for joint development, the experimental region for scientific development, the important growth pole for central regions as well as the important base for advanced manufacturing industries and service industries. The duration of the Plan is from 2009 to 2015, with the outlook for important issues to 2020. By 2015, the regional GDP of the Demonstration Zone will double that of 2008, with the coordinated development of three industries. The Demonstration Zone will cooperate with the Yangtze River Delta with an appropriate division of labor, complement each other’s advantages, and realize integrated development, thus becoming an influential city belt in China.


A Pilot Province of the State Technology Innovation Project

In November, 2009, Anhui Province was approved to be one of the first pilot provinces of the state technology innovation project. Taking this opportunity, Anhui will concentrate on the development of 10 industries, namely, the reformation and upgrading of competitive industries including clean coal, high performance materials, equipment manufacture, information and household appliance; the development and expansion of new industries including new-energy automobiles, new displays, energy-saving and environment protection, public security, biological technology and cultural creativity, with an intention of promoting the adjustment of industrial structure. The target is that , by the year of 2015, the gross output of new hi-tech industries of the whole province will have gone up to RMB 1 trillion yuan; the number of authorized patents will have gone beyond 25,000, there will be more than 300 above-provincial-level innovation (pilot) enterprises and the investment on R&D from the whole society will have been RMB 30 billion yuan, all will twice those in 2009.


Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Invention and Innovation

In the year of 2010, Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Invention and Innovation was listed in the State 12th Five-Year Plan of Sci-tech Development, and became one of the three great independent innovation experiment and demonstration areas. The area will undertake six major innovation projects like the upgrading of innovative industry and six institutional reforms like the deepening of science and technology management system. The area will also speed up the construction of technological innovation system in which enterprises play the leading role, accelerate the formation of industrial structure led by new and high technology industry, especially promote the institutional reforms of science and technology management system, administrative system and financial management system, and create the nationwide famous regional innovation brand with the characteristics of scientific and technological innovation. (For more information, please consult )


To Speed up the Development of Northern Anhui

Since 2001, Anhui Provincial Party Committee of CPC and the People’s Government of Anhui Province have made the decision of speeding up the economic development in Northern Anhui, with the focus on the three cities in Northern Anhui and seven counties along the Huaihe River (Bozhou City, Suzhou City, Fuyang City and Wuhe County, Guzhen County, Huaiyuan County, Fengyang County, Shouxian County, Huoqiu County, Suixi County, hereinafter referred to as the three cities and seven counties). The support for the three cities and seven counties will be further increased to accelerate the pace of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization of Northern Anhui Regions, and promote the rapid development and the rise of Northern Anhui. (For more information, please consult )


Hefei Economic Circle

Hefei Economic Circle consists of the leading city of Hefei, the central cities of Huainan and Lu’an, the sub-central city of Tongcheng, etc., covering an area of about 38,900 square kilometers. By 2020, the total population of Hefei Economic Circle will be about 24 million, with an urban population of about 15.8 million. GDP is expected to reach RMB 1.8 trillion, forming a hierarchical system of “one center, four wings, multi-polar, and nine points”. It will become the gateway for Anhui’s opening up and the core of Anhui to participate the division of labor in the Pan-Yangtze River Delta Regions.


International Tourism and Culture Demonstration Region in Southern Anhui

International Tourism and Culture Demonstration Region in Southern Anhui includes six cities (Huangshan, Chizhou, Xuancheng, Wuhu, Maanshan, Tongling) and Qianshan County, having jurisdiction over 34 counties (or county-level cities and districts), with a total area of 38,000 square kilometers and a total population of 10,696,000. The development plan of the Demonstration Region has been listed in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of Anhui Province. According to the plan, 6 cities in the south of Anhui of Huangshan (Huizhou), Chizhou, Xuancheng etc. will construct jointly a world-class tourist destination with strong characteristics of Huizhou Culture, push forward the internationalization process of tourism, and promote further opening of Southern Anhui. The Province will provide special support for the Demonstration Region in policy, funding, projects and so on.