Five Development Concepts Guides Province to Outline Goals for 13th Five-Year Plan

Updated:Jun 16,2016 16:58 PM Anhui Today

The period of the 13th Five-year Plan is still an important period of strategic opportunities for Anhui. The province will highlight and implement the concepts of innovation-driven development, balanced development, green development, open development and development for all, in order to fulfill the goals of constructing Anhui into an economically prosperous, culturally vibrant and ecologically friendly province. By 2020, the province’s total economic output will reach 3.6 trillion yuan, marching toward 4 trillion yuan.

Innovation-driven development: The province will place innovation at the center of its development strategy and make innovation common practice throughout the province. By 2020, the province will establish about 20 strategic emerging industrial bases that have an important influence home and abroad. A group of industrial clusters with international competitiveness will be formed. Anhui will basically complete construction of comprehensive national center for science and industrial innovation center. It will also establish institutional mechanism that can reflect the spirit of the five development concepts and promotes the province’s currently undergoing practice of “adjusting industrial structure, transferring development modes and promoting industrial upgrading.” A modern industrial system will be formed up with strategic emerging industries being treated as the forerunner for all sectors, advanced manufacturing as the leading industry and supported by modern service industry and modern agriculture.

Balanced development: Anhui envisions a well-developed province where progress is measured in terms of social balance and the establishment of a harmonious society, economic balance and optimization of human potential, ecological balance and utilization of sustainable resources. The province will promote the human-centered new urbanization and interregional coordinated development.

The province will accelerate the construction of Hefei as an associate Yangtze River Delta center with world-class satellite cities, concentrating on establishing a number of new cities, creating some new cities featuring innovation, green, wisdom, and humanity, and accelerating transformation of the pattern of urban development.

By 2020, the province will complete constructing a rapid and high quality extensive transportation network and building a clean, efficient, safe and sustainable modern energy system. A modern water conservancy system will be basically completed. The rate of household population urbanization will be improved significantly. The regional GDP of Hefei City will reach 1 trillion yuan, accounting for 28 percent of the province’s total.

Green development: The priority is to implement the main functional areas strategy, increasing efforts of environmental management, strengthening the construction of ecological civilization. The province will promote the development of green low-carbon development as a way to push forward environmental management by shifting from controlling the total amount of pollutants emission to improving the environmental quality.

It is a key strategy for the province to boost eco-friendly economic growth, while much will have to be done in river course renovation, use of water resources, and control and treatment of water pollution, control and prevent of atmospheric, water and soil pollution. To restore the province’s overall ecological environment will be an overwhelming task. By 2020, heavily polluted weather will be basically eliminated and the days of non-polluted weather with clean air will be increased year-on-year at prefecture-level cities.

Open Development: The main task is to fully integrate into the national “Three Major Strategies”, deepening the integrated development of Yangtze River Delta, accelerating the development of new competitive advantages in foreign trade, enhancing the capacity of undertaking industrial relocation. One of the priorities is to build the important strategic supportive facilities for the Yangtze River Economic Belt to open up channels for going out of the world, promoting the integration of customs clearance, and strengthening the construction of ports and customs supervision area. Anhui will fully participate in domestic and international division of labor at a higher level by forming a number of leading industries with annual turnover exceeding one hundred billion yuan.

Development for all: Anhui will pledge greater efforts to break consecutive spells of poverty. The Dabie Mountainous Area and Northern Anhui where chronic poverty still remains with harsh environmental conditions will be accurately targeted at to lift the poverty-stricken people out of poverty. It is the government’s responsibility to take better care of its people and to boost their well-being.