Innovation-driven Modern Industry System

Updated:Jun 11,2019 16:18 PM Anhui, China 2019

By adhering to the principle of “seizing the moment, creating the medium-term plan and defining the long-term layout,” the province accelerates the construction of a number of major emerging industrial bases and major emerging industrial projects, major emerging industrial programs to establish an innovation-driven modern industry system (abbreviated as “Three Majors and One Innovation”). The province has issued the “Regulation on Anhui Province’s Promotion of the Cluster Development of Strategic Emerging Industries”. It is the first local regulation in the field of strategic emerging industry in the country. The province sets a special guide fund. The provincial department of finance allots 6 billion yuan every year for this purpose. At the same time, it sets a fund of 30 billion yuan to support the development of new industries. The province promulgates a number of policies to provide precision support for the development of an innovation-driven modern industry system, including “Policies on Supporting the Construction of ‘Three Majors and One Innovation’” and “Implementation Details on the Policies on Supporting the Construction of ‘Three Majors and One Innovation’”.

Major Emerging Industrial Bases

The province has focused on the dominant industries, formulated selection criteria and conducted independent evaluation. As a result, the province has selected and identified 24 strategic emerging industrial cluster development bases in two groups, such as new display, intelligent voice, high-end equipment and integrated circuits. In 2017, the total industrial output value of the strategic emerging cluster development bases was increased by 23.1 percent, 7 percentage points higher than the province’s industry above designated size; the tax was increased by 24 percent, which was 11.1 percentage points higher than the average level of the province’s tax revenue; there were 663 high-tech enterprises with a total of 48 well-known trademarks in China.

Major Emerging Industrial Projects and Major Emerging Industrial Programs

Since 2016, Anhui has identified and implemented its 34 major emerging industrial projects and emerging programs in two groups. It prioritizes its support for the development of emerging industries of strategic importance in 6 sectors including biological medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing and new generation of information technology. In 2017, the two batch of 16 major emerging industrial projects and 18 major emerging industrial programs have completed the total investment of about 9.12 billion yuan, of which, the major projects have completed the investment of 7.09 billion yuan, and the major programs have completed the investment of 2.03 billion yuan.