Friendly External Exchanges

Updated:Jun 11,2019 17:12 PM Anhui, China 2019

According to the overall layout of the nation's foreign affairs and the province's regional target of opening-up, Anhui takes advantage of the nation's favorable major external exchange platforms to continue consolidating and expanding exchanges with developed countries and regions, to actively develop contacts with the major source countries of foreign direct investment, skilled talents, advanced technologies, and tourists, and destinations for the province’s going-global strategy, and to develop friendly contacts, people-to-people exchanges and economic and technological cooperation.
The province actively promotes high-profile contacts with foreign countries. The number of foreign dignitaries and corporate executives of Fortune 500 who have visited Anhui is greatly increased. Through various channels, foreign governments, governments of friendly provinces/states and friendly cities, foreign embassies and consular officials, foreign journalists, foreign nationals with Chinese origin and overseas Chinese are invited to visit Anhui so as to increase the influence of Anhui and to promote the province's opening-up to the outside world. Anhui remains committed to developing friendly overseas relationships. Against such a background, the province endeavors to strengthen mutual understanding and solidarity with its foreign partners, and thereby expands external exchange channels. By December of 2018, the province has established sister-city (-state or -province) relationships with 94 states (districts or counties) and cities locating in 37 countries of the world’s six continents. This results in effective promotion of Anhui's all-round, wide-ranging and in-depth opening up to the outside world.


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