Innovation leads accelerated running

Updated:Jun 12,2020 17:24 PM Anhui Today

In 2019, Anhui regards innovation as first driver that leads high quality development. As a result, it reaped a great amount of innovation achievements.

It is currently widely known for its innovation capacity building and being a hub of talents. The city of Hefei houses more than 60 institutions of higher learning including the University of Science and Technology of China. There are many science research facilities such as full superconducting Tokamak, steady high magnetic field, Hefei Light Source and so on. A number of hi-tech enterprises such as iFLYTEK and BOE started up and succeeded here.

Anhui Innovation Museum, the country’s first venue with innovation as its theme, opened for operation. China’s first 8.5-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate was officially rolled off the production line in Bengbu City. Huangshan I, the world’s first artificial intelligence chip in the field of intelligent wearable, was officially mass produced. BOE Hefei 10.5 Generation TFT-LCD Production Line achieves its fullest production capacity. China’s first 5G mobile ICU was unveiled in the First Affiliated Hospital the University of Science and Technology of China. Anhui deepened the construction of G60 scientific and technological research corridor and prompted the “cooperation of innovation” of Shanghai Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center and Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center. Anhui aims at the international frontier and actively establishes national laboratories in the fields of quantum technology, energy and artificial intelligence in order to boost its innovation capacity.

Anhui province was ranked 10th in the country in terms of regional innovation capability in 2019. It has been ranked forefront for 8 consecutive years. The total number of high-tech enterprises in the province is expected to exceed 6,600. Independent innovation in key areas is moving from “catching up and running with” to “running with and running ahead”.