Great potential for cooperation between Anhui and ROK- An interview with ROK consul general to Shanghai

Updated:Feb 10,2021 15:53 PM

Kim Seung-Ho, the newly appointed consul general of the Republic of Korea to Shanghai, paid his first visit to Anhui. During his stay in the province, he received an exclusive interview with Anhui TV Station on February 2.


Kim Seung-Ho told our reporter that the relationship between South Korea and China is deep and close. During the rampant global spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the two sides set up a role model for the world in jointing efforts to overcome difficulties and seek common development. Especially when South Korea was short of pandemic prevention supplies, Chinese people, including those in Anhui, offered donation and assistance in time, which really moved him.

He praised that in the fight against COVID-19, Chinese government surprised the world with effective measures to control the disease. During the pandemic, many Chinese people afforded masks to the ROK people, and the slogans "Come on, South Korea" and "China and ROK Work Together in the Same Boat" written on the cartons containing medical supplies manifested the deepening of the friendship between the people of the two countries.

The consul general believes that as Anhui is a big province in economy, culture, science, education, talent and ecology, it has unlimited development spectrum in the future. He said that Anhui and South Korea have maintained a good momentum in trade and there is a good foundation between the two for cooperation in the fields of new display, integrated circuit, automobile, etc. Therefore, the two sides can learn from each other to improve each other, and further cooperate in high-end manufacturing and emerging industry cultivation for win-win development.

Kim Seung-Ho also believes that Anhui is a transportation hub in China and a good place to enjoy business-enticing policies. He especially admires the "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing" concept Anhui has adopted for its development, "on which the cooperation between Anhui and my country will have great potential, not only in economy and trade, but also in more fields and at higher levels," said the consul general.