Lower Silesia thanks Anhui for supporting fight against COVID-19

Updated:Jan 05,2021 15:19 PM AHFAO

Governor Cezary Przybylski of Lower Silesia, a friendly province of Anhui in Poland, sent a letter of thanks to Anhui for its help in the fight against the pandemic.

The thank-you letter from governor of Lower Silesia

In his letter, Governor Cezary Przybylski praised that the material donated by Anhui is an important support for the fight against the disease in Lower Silesia, and also represents the solidarity and deep friendship between the two provinces. In the face of the severe challenge, only solidarity and cooperation can win the pandemic. The support provided by Anhui is a vivid portrayal of the spirit of solidarity and selfless help.

Leading officials of the int'l cooperation department of Lower Silesia receive the donation

Anhui and Lower Silesia established a friendly provincial relationship in 1997. Close relations and fruitful exchanges and cooperation in various fields have been maintained between the two sides. During the outbreak of the pandemic, the two sides expressed concern and sympathy to each other. In March this year, the two provinces held a video conference for medical experts to share experience in the prevention and control of the disease, which fully reflected the spirit of international friendly relations in working hand in hand to fight the pandemic.