Mt. Huangshan and Jungfrau celebrate China-Switzerland diplomatic anniversary

Updated:Oct 12,2020 09:28 AM

On September 29, Huangshan Scenic Area and its partner Jungfrau, Switzerland jointly celebrated the 70th anniversary of China-Switzerland friendship.

On the top of Mt. Huangshan, dragon dance, lion dance and other Chinese traditional arts were performed, while musicians in Jungfrau played the Chinese folk song "Jasmine flower" with Swiss traditional musical instruments. This on-line performance displayed the enchanting sceneries and charming culture of the two countries, and closed the ties between their peoples.

In 2002, Mt. Huangshan and Jungfrau became friendship parks. Over these years, the two sides have maintained close cooperation in natural and cultural resources protection, tourism promotion and hold long-term photo exhibitions in the main scenic spots in both Mt. Huangshan and Jungfrau.