Maryland, USA

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Maryland Overview

Lying in the northeastern corner of the Southern States, Maryland covers an area of 27,394 km2 and has a population of 5.78 million. Chesapeake Bay cuts deep into Maryland, divides it into two parts and gives the state several excellent harbors. Maryland has 23 counties. The largest city of the state is Baltimore. The state capital is Annapolis.

Maryland has fertile soils and is crisscrossed with rivers and lakes. Nearly half of the state is covered with forests. Agriculture of the state employs about 350,000 people, making it the largest commercial industry of the state. Major farm products are livestock products, corn, soybean and tobacco.

As larger part of Washington, D.C. is located in the state, many federal agencies and national research institutions play an important role in the economic development of the state. The information technology, telecommunication, aerospace and defense industries are leading forces behind the state’s economic growth. And a large number of people are employed by the federal institutions.

 Maryland State and Anhui Province 

Anhui-Maryland sister province and state relationship was initiated by Dr. Chen Ning Yang, a native of Anhui, Nobel laureate and professor of State University of NY at Stony Brook in 1978, with the help of John Toll, President of University of Maryland. It is one of the earliest sister province and state relations between China and the United States.

In September 1979, Governor Wan Li visited Maryland with a 12-member Anhui delegation at the invitation of Governor Harry Hughes. The two governors held talks on establishing sister state relationship and exchange of visiting scholars and issued a joint press release.

In June 1980, Governor Hughes visited Anhui with a Maryland delegation at the invitation of Governor Zhang Jinfu. They signed the agreement on the establishment of sister province and state relations on June 10. They also reached several agreements on the exchanges and cooperation between USTC, Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Maryland and sending two Anhui agricultural technicians and one city planner to study and work in Maryland.

In the first half of 1981, two agricultural technicians from Anhui Academy of Agriculture and one engineer from Hefei Planning Institute went to Maryland to study tobacco and animal husbandry and city planning for half a year with all expenses in Maryland covered by Maryland side. In May, a University of Maryland delegation visited USTC. In December, an Anhui economic delegation led by Ni Zegeng, Director-General of Anhui Economic Commission, visited Maryland.

In the spring of 1982, introduced by Governor Hughes, a Maryland painter Henry Coe came to Anhui to do landscape paintings for half a year. In September, two Maryland intern doctors came to Anhui to do internship and learn the acupuncture for half a year. All their expenses in the province were covered by Anhui side. In September-December, Anhui artist Zhang Jianzhong visited Maryland to give lectures in Maryland Institute College of Art and held exhibitions of Huangshan School of Paintings.

In September 1984, Yuan Zhen, Deputy Secretary of CPC Anhui Committee visited Maryland with an economic and trade delegation. Several senior officials also visited Maryland in the year while they were visiting the States on the International Visitors Programs of US Department of State or attending academic meetings.

In October 1985, Governor Wang Yuzhao visited Maryland with Anhui Economic and Trade Delegation. A ceremony was held for the 5th anniversary of the sister relationship. Two governors held discussions on a wide range of issues and signed an agreement on the exchanges and cooperation.

In November 1986, Vice Governor Meng Fulin visited Maryland and met with Governor-elect William Schaefer while he was on a water conservancy study tour to the States.

In February 1987, Anhui News and Broadcasting Delegation visited Maryland to make reports and interviews. In May, Deputy Director-General Pan Bangfu of Anhui Foreign Affairs Office and another official visited Maryland when visiting the States on an International Visitors Program. Lieutenant Governor Stanburg met them.

In July 1988, Vice Governor Shao Ming of Anhui visited Maryland while attending an Anhui export exhibition held in L.A.

In November 1991, Vice Governor Shao Ming visited Maryland when he was visiting the US with a Chinese Governors’ Delegation. Governor Schaefer met the delegation.

At the suggestion of the Chinese Embassy in the USA, Anhui Province donated an imitation of an ancient bronze wine vessel (Long Hu Zun, more than 1 meter in height, unearthed in Anhui with a history of over 3000 years) to Baltimore City on the occasion of 100 anniversary of the sundial in Patterson Park.

In November 1993, Governor Fu Xishou visited Maryland with an Anhui economic and trade delegation. Fu and Governor Schaefer signed an agreement on further promoting exchanges and cooperation between the province and state. Governor Fu also made a keynote speech on “trade opportunities--how to do business with China” seminar. The entrepreneurs of two sides held extensive discussions.

In July 1994, Vice Governor Wang Xiuzhi visited Maryland when he was visiting the US with an Anhui environmental protection delegation. Anhui Environmental Protection Bureau and Maryland environmental protection evaluation company EA signed a letter of intent on the cooperation in environmental protection R&D and engineering.

In November, a Maryland trade and friendship delegation led by Secretary of Business and Economic Development visited Anhui. They took part in the opening ceremony of a Sino-US electronic joint-venture company, held many talks and seminars and reached quite a few agreements with Anhui counterparts.

In December 1995, Anhui Economic and Trade Delegation led by Anhui Party Secretary Lu Rongjing visited Maryland to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the sister relations. Governor Parris Glendenning and Lu signed a joint declaration on furthering the exchanges and cooperation between the state and province.

Maryland EEC Company and Anhui Bengbu Environmental Protection Equipment Plant established a joint-venture factory to produce environmental protection equipment.

In June 1997, former Maryland Governor Harry Hughes and James Brady, Secretary of Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development visit Anhui. Party Secretary Lu Rongjing and Governor Hui Liangyu met the delegation. Vice Governor Zhang Ping and Brady signed a memorandum of talks on strengthening the economic and trade relations and friendly exchanges.

In July, Qiao Chunxiu, director of the Organizational Department of CPC Anhui Committee, visited Maryland with an international talent exchange delegation. The delegation signed a letter of intent with Maryland Government on cooperative training of senior and medium-level management personnel and an agreement with University of Maryland on the training of senior management personnel from Anhui.

In February 1998, a 30-member Anhui senior management personnel training class went to University of Maryland to study for half a year.

In June, Secretary Henry Fitz of Maryland Department of Agriculture visited Anhui to conduct agricultural technology exchanges. Vice Governor Zhang Ping met the delegation.

In September, Vice Governor Lu Jiafong visited Maryland with an Anhui delegation. They took part in the “1998 Science and Technology Evening Fair” held in Maryland with Anhui achievements in Science and Technology.

In September 2000, Governor Xu Zhonglin visited Maryland with an Anhui economic and trade delegation. The delegation signed agreements or contracts of 5 projects with American companies.

In May 2005, Wang Taihua, Secretary of CPC Anhui Committee visited Maryland with an Anhui economic and trade delegation. He held talks with Governor Robert Ehrlich and signed a memorandum of understanding on furthering the cooperation between the province and state.

In April 2005, Karl Aumann, Secretary of State of Maryland visited Anhui with an economic and trade delegation from Maryland. Governor Wang Jinshan and Vice Chairman Huang Yuezhong of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress met with the delegation separately.

In June 2006, Mary Kane, Secretary of State of Maryland visited Anhui as head of a Maryland higher education delegation consisting of state officials and presidents of universities and colleges of Maryland. About 20 presidents from both sides made speeches on Anhui-Maryland Higher Education Forum held in Hefei.

On May 12, 2008, Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland sent a letter to Governor Wang Sanyun of Anhui to express his condolences on the disasters of Wenchuan earthquake.

In September 2010, John McDonald, Secretary of State of Maryland visited Anhui with a Maryland economic and trade delegation to participate celebration activities on the 30th anniversary of the friendship relations. Vice Chairwoman Wen Haiying of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress and Vice Governor Hua Jianhui met the delegation and took part in the tree planting ceremony for the anniversary with the delegation and the signing ceremony of the letter of intent on strengthening talent training cooperation.