[Ecological Resources]

The good environment, particularly the mild weather, plentiful precipitation and loamy soil, make Anhui an ideal habitat for many sorts of animals and plants. The Chinese alligator and Chinese river dolphin are rare animals in the world that live in the Yangtze River flowing through the middle of Anhui.

The province has designated and constructed 104 national, provincial or municipal natural protection areas, of which, 8 are of national significance, and 30 are of provincial significance. The total artificial stands established by the province in 2018 covers an area of 55.7 thousand hectares. At the end of last year, the province has a forest area of 3,958.5 thousand hectares with a total standing stock volume of 261,451,000 cubic meters, and the forest stock volume accounts for 221,866,000 cubic meters.

[Agricultural Resources]

Anhui produces a wide range of agricultural products. Its output of grain, cotton and oil ranks Anhui ahead of other provinces in the nation.

Anhui is one of the most important bases for producing pollution-free staple agricultural products and green, organic foodstuff in China. It has a big potential for further agricultural industrialization. In 2018, the province produced 40.073 million tons of grain. The output of edible oils reaches 1.58 million tons. The output of cotton is 89,000 tons.

Anhui takes the lead in China for developing special agricultural products and high profit agricultural products, with the output of tea, tobacco, and Chinese traditional herbal medicines, vegetables and fruits ranking the province forefront in the nation.

[Mineral Resources]

Anhui is rich in mineral resources. Its deposits of metal minerals and metalloid minerals are both diverse and abundant. The variety and abundance of the minerals rank Anhui ahead of other provinces in the country. About 128 different kinds of minerals have been discovered. To date, geologists have verified reserves of 125 different minerals. Throughout the year 2018, the prediction of the 30 new locations of large and medium-sized mineral deposits was proved successfully. Based on its mineral advantages, Anhui has become an important base for energy, raw materials, manufacturing and processing in the nation.