Jixi Dishes

Updated:Nov 19,2020 14:45 PM 

Jixi,located in southern Anhui,is the main origin of Anhui cuisine.

Many Jixi dishes full of local flavor have been spread all over the country by Hui merchants and become one of the eight major cuisines in China. It is believed that a taste of the food could become a life-long lingering memory.

Jixi bean vermicelli, appetizing, delicious and a little bit salty, could make people who have tasted all featured Chinese food fall in love with it even after first touch. 

Saiqiongwan, a unique folk custom item from the sacrifice ritual dedicated to Wang Hua, Duke of Yue, has been developed into a grand Anhui folk cuisine exposition. The names or the themes of the 288 art-like dishes are inspiring and admirable, like "achieving great progress", "longevity", "happy family", and "prosperous business". 

The famous Hu Shi Yipinguo, overlapped layers of meat and vegetable cooked in a tureen, is particularly inviting. Eating and chatting by this chafing pot with some friends is really an enjoyment. 

Moreover, the eighteen-course banquet dishes, and Maodoufu and Chouguiyu, two specialties unique to Anhui made of fermented tofu and mandarin fish, are also alluring elements of Anhui cuisine to all.

The biennial Anhui Cuisine Culture and Tourism Festival has become an eye-catching event of the county, which has been held seven times since 2005. In fact, the event has been rated as one of the top ten featured festival activities in the Yangtze River Delta, attracting tens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad.

If you want to taste some exclusively delicious food and enjoy a gallery of exceptional landscape, Jixi is the right destination.