Huangmei Opera

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Han Zaifen staring in Huizhou Woman  

Huangmei Opera, once called "Caicha Opera", is a local opera genre in Anhui Province. It is basically derived from the folk dancing and singing of Huangmei county known as Caicha. At first it was noted for two-and-three-role dramas, but then under the influence of Qingyang and Hui styles, it gradually became a theatrical form to present full-length works. Its tunes still keep the true flavor of folk songs, and singing while dancing also is a feature of its acting.

Huangmei Opera was derived from "Caicha Tune", the folk ditties people sang while picking tea. It is a combination of local folk songs, dances and some widespread ancient operas. Bordering on Anhui Province, Huangmei County in Hubei Province is famous for its tea and tea-picking songs; it is also where Huangmei Opera got its original name—"Caicha Opera" ("tea-picking opera").


Chunxiang disturbing Class

Before 1949, rivers and lakes in Anhui Province were often flooded and the displaced victims had to seek refuge in neighboring provinces. As a result, Huangmei Opera of Hubei Province was brought to Anhui by victims of flood and famine.

The performers of Huangmei Opera infuse simple humor into all of the 72 short plays and 36 full-length dramas about the privileged life for a down-to-earth element.


Emperor's Female son-in-law

Since 1949, with support from the Chinese government, Huangmei Opera has blossomed. Some of the famous actors and actresses of Huangmei Opera include Yan Fengying, Wang Shaofang and Pan Jingli.


 Story of the Seventh Fairy 

The opera has also spread its fame both home and abroad with its sweet melodies and lyrics, graceful sounds and movements, and beautiful costumes and sets. Huangmei fans can be found not only on the Chinese mainland but also in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, and even Europe.

Huizhou Woman

On June 30, 1999, Huizhou Woman premiered at Anhui Grand Theater. The four-act play consists of “Marriage”, “Hope”, “Sigh” and “Return” tells the story of a Huizhou woman who married at the age of 15. She grew up from a young lady to an eldest sister-in-law. She has never met her husband for 35 years and yet she has never stopped attending the household chores for her husband’s extended family. Although she had not been recognized by her husband who later on married another woman and had several children with the second woman.