Flower Drum Dance

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Legend of the City of Pearl 

Huagudeng, or Flower-drum Dance is a folk dance popular in Bengbu, Huainan and Fuyang City along the Huaihe River. It integrates folk arts such as dancing, singing, gong and drum playing, and playlets together. It is famous for its vivid rhythms, passionate atmosphere, elegant poses, fine performances and artistic charm.


Legend of the City of Pearl 

The Flower-drum Dance is very popular with audience. During the time of traditional festivals, temple fairs, slack seasons in farming, or plenteous harvest times, people will dress up, lighting up lanterns, beating the gongs and drums, festively dancing and singing. When many performance teams meet together for joint celebration, a grand occasion will take place. The Flower-drum Dance has been promoted and glorified since China's reform and opening up; now it has become a splendid "oriental ballet" in world art circles.